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Antoine Boquen

Antoine Boquen

Antoine Boquen

Antoine is currently Horizons’ Chief Executive Officer. In his current role, Antoine oversees and guides the direction of Horizons. Day-to-day, he works with company leadership to ensure the goals of the organization are being met.

As an integral member of Horizons’ leadership team, Antoine designs and implements business functions, establishes policies that promote company culture and vision, and manages company operations and the work of our executive team. 


Antoine holds a Business CPGE (Economics and Commercial Science) from Classe Préparatoire Lycée Ozenne, a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B., JD., French Licence L3), Legal Studies General, from Universite Pierre Mendes-France (Grenoble II), and a Master of Management, International Business, from Grenoble Graduate School of Business. 


Since 2014, Antoine has held positions with global businesses. As a Consulting Analyst and Business Development Manager, these roles provided Antoine with an ideal platform on which to collaborate with team members to implement positive changes, and develop new opportunities for business growth. 

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