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Antoine Boquen

Antoine Boquen

Chief Operating Officer

Antoine has a proven track record for helping international businesses expand to China and onboard local talents overseas. Antoine’s passion for global workforce efficiency has led him to accelerate the growth of over a hundred foreign companies in record time. He is a widely experienced French professional specialized in scaling international activities without investing heavily in time or infrastructure. Antoine spent nearly a decade in China providing HR solutions and executing global expansion strategies, successfully growing awareness for PEO and Company Incorporation solutions in Asia.

Marie Laure Troadec

Marie-Laure Troadec

Legal Counsel

Serving as Horizons’ Legal Counsel for Global Mobility, Marie-Laure is an integral team member who oversees the company’s legal, HR, and mobility divisions. Since 2018, Marie-Laure has managed Horizons’ general legal operations, conducted foreign-invested companies incorporation in China (WFOE), and GDPR compliance. Additionally, Marie-Laure has consulted for China and Singapore mobility cases, and implemented internal HR processes.

Nadia Ponomareva

Nadia Ponomareva

Head of Recruitment

Since 2019, Nadia has served as Horizons’ Head of Recruitment. This role sees Nadia work alongside businesses to strategically recruit, assess, and onboard their global talent. Nadia is focused and dedicated to the long-term success of Horizons’ clients, whilst ensuring the best outcomes for our global network of candidates.

Drew Donnelly

Andrew Donnelly, PhD

Senior Regulatory Specialist

Drew joined the Horizons team in 2020. For the past seven years, he has been a trusted advisor to c-suite executives and government ministers on international compliance and regulatory issues. He is admitted to the Bar in New Zealand and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Sydney. Drew’s passion is accelerating global business growth while ticking all the legal and compliance boxes.